First Cameron, then most of the Labour cabinet, followed by Boris after being stabbed in the back by Gove, then Farage as his job is apparently now complete (although he will stay as an MEP to collect his £78,000 salary), next was Roy Hodgson, and now Chris Evans. Only Corbyn seems to be hanging on for dear life, as he said himself he wont resign as he is "the leader". 

It looks like the will of the people is finally winning, and popular opinion suddenly matters. These men are falling on their swords (apart from Corbyn) for the greater good, and are - supposedly - not just thinking of themselves. Will all this give way to some stability for the country?  Stocks have already risen again, higher then they were pre-Brexit. Theresa May is favorite to be Prime Minister, she should surely add some stability and set the country on a safe and sensible course of leaving Europe. So we can all relax now and watch Murray win Wimbledon.