I was interested to read this article on CIPR this week discussing the importance in good design when looking to attract attention and generate impact. 

People say a picture says a thousand words, but actually good design goes further than that. It is the way information is presented, how it looks, how it feels and how well it grabs someone's eye. It is clearly something that Podemos understands. According to this article, communicators, marketers and advertisers learned this a long time ago too, but has it really stuck? So often, good design is left out in the cold, the one area of content creation that suffers from budget squeeze, and that's even if budget is set aside at all.

I think there is a lot to learn from Podemos here. Making the way that we represent content a core part of the strategy behind creating content can only ever be a good thing. If we as communicators and marketers know this, then its time that we acted on it. It's time that we take notice of the bigger picture and the reason for creating the content in the first place.