I love the article in this week's Guardian on punk v rave and how it mirrors society; the  individualism of punk pitted against the more commercial, inclusiveness, of rave. 

It calls for a deeper punk aesthetic in the UK today - a need for people to rail against the machine, to champion - even if bolshily - change and to challenge the status quo.   Punk questions the automatic, slick, computerized, homogenized society we all too easily slip into and asks us to put on the breaks, look again, step outside. 

Punk threatens us if we don't listen.  Punk makes itself seen.  Punk leaves a mark.   Punk - the article suggests - is what we need today to effect change.  Pleasing everyone pleases no one.  Pissing people off - now that is power! 

A youth of the 80s/90s, a Manchester University attending student of this era, paid up to dungarees, DMs and Madchester t-shirts, I SHOULD be rave.  I should be a techno hippy, free with friendships, quick to join in, part of the gang.  

But this article as made me realise that I am - at heart - punk. Especially at work.

It does not always come easily - but I like to push - both myself and those around me.  I work hard at forcing my brain to come up with different, interesting (if not popular) ways of doing things.  I embrace the strange.  Sometimes I do this with style, sometimes with a sneer. Sometimes people are in it with me - sometimes they listen on at the sides, fingers in ears, marveling at the shit they are listening to. 

Perhaps an office full of punks would be too much - destined for self implosion, bad relationships and overdoses in Paris hotels (over-metaphor?) - but a bit of punk has to be a good thing.  Bollocks to that  -  a bit of punk is a GREAT THING! 

And so, to inspire you at your desks today, to get you into the punk frame of mind, to get your arms moving and your head buzzing - I give you some AWESOME punk!