As humans we like to feel different, and be treated differently, to the person sat next to us on the tube. Its human nature, and it is certainly no new trait. 

The desire for personalisation has always been inherent in us -  just look at how many people buy items with their name etched onto the front of it - so it is unsurprising that marketing follows suit. 

Marketing is no longer a one-size-fits-all landscape. Blanket campaigns just don't cut the mustard anymore, and current audience segmentation is just not 'personal' or deep enough. 

By taking the time to tap into your target market and to understand them on a personal and individual level, marketers can engage consumers much more effectively. And this can be achieved through programmable marketing - whereby communications can be customised in a much more flexible way.

Easyjet has already tapped into this evolution - devising a clever eDM campaign that suggested your next trip based on your previous travels with them. And it worked. It no longer appeared 'spammy' but instead very relevant and very real. 

If marketing and communications are to continue to create impact, it is about time we all thought about our target audiences a little bit more, and more investment in this area up front will pay dividends further down the line.