This week, Sports Direct founder Mike Ashley met with MPs on the Business Committee  to discuss the treatment of his employees. In justifying his actions, he stated: 'I'm not father Christmas, I'm not saying I'll make the world wonderful' and 'I can't be responsible for everything that goes on at Sports Direct' among other interesting - and at times ridiculous - comments. 

Usually in such situations, we would expect a sensible and conservative PR performance - one of deep regret, which was rigorously rehearsed. However, Ashley really didn't seem to play by the rules. He was bashful, awkwardly upfront and at times cringe-worthy. 

Yet, rather surprisingly, the very nature of his performance may have  deterred MPs from giving him the hard questions we would expect. Instead, they hardly even nailed down why these workplace issues occurred in the first place.

Which makes me question - was Mike advised to deliberately act out in this way in order to deflect responsibility for this actions?