I love that a bunch of primary school kids in Bristol returned to school yesterday to find one of their walls emblazoned with a fully-authenticated Banksy, complete with a letter suggesting they make it their own.  

Banksy's brilliance is in the timing and potency of his work - that he uncompromisingly plasters his statements where they know they will make an impact - and never mind the consequences.  He invites us into his world vision and in doing so expands our awareness. 

His "do it today and let tomorrow come" attitude is something we should all be prepared to do more.  

Take on the challenges, defy convention, push boundaries, be bold...that is how we make things happen, effect change, make a mark.  

The children of Bridge Farm Primary School have learned quite a lesson, and I know salute you Banksy.  

So do I - and for that I ask no apology!