Have you ever wanted to see what you would look like when mixed with your favourite celebrity or Sports personality? Well Jake Marshall from Norwich has gone one step further and gone back in time with the latest craze of face swapping. Though intended for the purpose of having fun changing faces with your friends, family, or beloved dog, Jake Marshall surpassed all of that and got a little more creative in the British museum; swapping faces with the Pharaohs of Egypt and the influences of Greece, which I am sure they looked down on from above with fondness. 

As well as being an amusing little stunt it should get everyone thinking on a creative level of how to push boundaries and the possibilities which may not have been already thought about. In this case you could take this idea and make the British Museum more fun for kids by using face swap to make a tour more interesting.

This goes for all apps, new and old, in the social marketplace. How can we get the most out of new technology and better their intended use in a fun and engaging way? This is a potential goldmine for those willing to explore.