As marketers we are on the pulse and are fast to react to growing trends, and this means our industry moves at an incredibly fast pace. However, this can also mean that sometimes the best and most creative ideas are not actually very practical. 

These days everyone loves a GIF. We use them instinctively, we spend hours watching them, we try to out-do each other's GIF selections, and everyone loves them nearly as much as everyone loves emojis. But are they really an appropriate communications means for your campaign?

The answer lies in your brand. Would using a GIF resonate with your audience, does it align with your branding, and does it send the right message?

These GIF-using tips are a helpful guideline when considering your next GIF move, so don't get lured by the bright shiny lights of the GIF world before careful consideration. Wrongful use could damage your brand and reputation more seriously than you think.